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Banana membership card

How to become a member ?

To get your Banana Pub Crawl membership card, all you need to do is to participate to at least one of our tour and ask one of our Banana Guides for the card. It's as simple as that !

What are the advantages ?

Friday and Saturday:

Tickets cost £15 online or £20 in cash to our guides.

If you have the membership card, you pay only £10 in cash to our guides when arriving at the first venue. 

Other events:

You pay less for some of our special events.


 Those advantages are not valid for our special events such as Halloween, New Year's Eve, St Patrick, etc.


 The membership card does not guarantee entry for sold out events. Booking on internet is the only way to make sure you get a ticket.

We are Bananas. We are Party Animals.


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